Urgent message from the Easter Bunny:

To ensure that your loved ones' Easter nests are filled this year, our green Easter bunny will be happy to deliver the packages directly to your favorite people! Simply enter a different delivery address.

All paid orders that we receive until 9 am on Tuesday, April 7 will arrive in time for Easter!
But only for deliveries to Germany & France!
All your paid orders that we receive until 9 am on Wednesday, April 8 will arrive in time for Easter!
Only for deliveries within Austria!


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We also distribute all the products to resellers and sellers of promotional items at wholesale terms. Thanks to our in-house production at our location in Austria, we can guarantee high flexibility and short delivery times. We would also be happy to develop and produce customized sustainable products according to customer specifications and will gladly add our long-standing “green” business expertise.

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