customized Wonder Bean

Growing Wonder Bean

Wonder Beans are individually lasered beans with your logo and/or a short (promotional) message. Once the bean sprouts, the lasered engraving shows up on the seed leaf. The beans are lasered from both sides, so it can even accommodate two different engraved designs.

in an individual bean package

The Wonder Bean packages are available in 3 different sizes. Each package contains an individual laser-etched bean with your logo and/or a small (advertising) message. We can customize the front of the package and the beans using your own design and/or your short (advertising) message, starting even with small quantities. The laser-etched beans shimmer slightly through to the outside, through the semi-transparent back side. Also, it is possible to add an individualized small card to the package.

  • minimum quantity: 30 units per design/per laser engraving
  • dimensions: 54 x 80 mm / 62 x 92 mm / 82 x 115 mm | weight: ca. 5 g
  • material: paper or glassine paper, Bio Top-paper (white), Bio Top-adhesive paper (white)
  • customizing: laser engraving, 4c print
    • bean laser: 1/1-colour (cut in bean), also possible with 2 different motifs
    • sticker: 4/0-coloured
    • card inserts: 4/4-coloured
  • shelf-life & storage:
    • at least 2 years when stored in a dry place

in additional products

Bean: yes, please – package: no, thank you!

We can also personalize the Wonder Bean in the ecocube, the ecoblock, the orgrownizer, in ecobox, the ecocup or the ecocan including their respective customization options. When the bean starts growing, the laser engraving that was previously etched into the bean will appear on the first leaf of the beanstalk.

  • Minimum quantity: 30 units per design/per laser engraving