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Just like the ecocans, the Message Bean are containers made from pressed bamboo fiber and rice husks filled with a special nutritional granulate as part of our “ready to grow” process. The difference – these containers do not contain flower or herb seeds, but instead, they contain specially etched beans carrying good wishes to the recipient. When they start growing, a suitable message for almost any occasion appears on the seed leaf. The Message Bean thus turns into an unusual and very personal carrier of congratulations and good wishes. We guarantee that the growing lucky beans in the eco-friendly container are a wonderful alternative to the usual greeting card which the recipient reads and puts away, whereas this gift keeps giving for a long time.


This is how you bring your Message Bean to life:

Simply open the container, use the cover as a coaster, water and place in a bright spot. The Message Bean will come to life within a few days and a small green bean carrying a congratulatory greeting will sprout out of the container. After 3-4 months, the bean stalk will grow too large for the little pot and the entire container can be replanted into a pot with some soil. The ecocan is made from natural fibers and will be slowly composted and thus turns into valuable nutrients for the plant.


Details for resellers


  • 30 cans per box
  • optionally: decorative counter display
  • unit dimensions:
    9 x 7 cm; 0.10 kg
  • display dimensions:
    37 x 23 x 20 cm; 4.2 kg
  • selection defined by customer

Available languages

  • German, English & French


  • The Message Beans have a shelf-life of at least two years if stored in a dry place.

Customized Message Bean carrying your own design