customized ecogarden

Plants in a wooden box

The ecogarden is made of spruce wood and is our largest pot set to date. The set contains all of the components to create a garden on the windowsill in a short time – namely, soil pellets, biodegradable plant cups, plant markers and seed bags with three different types of plant seeds.

In the laser process, an individual engraving is implemented from a quantity of 30 pieces and the wooden box becomes a long-term carrier for your green (advertising) message. The sleeve packaging encloses the wooden box and offers a lot of space for individualization on a large printing area. With 4c printing, the sleeve as well as the stickers of the three seed bags, can be used to carry your green (advertising) message. Speaking of seed bags, for the ecogarden we offer special plant seed combinations consisting of three different seeds.

  • minimum quantity: 30 units per design or per plant variety
  • dimensions: 36 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm | weight: ca. 600 g
  • material: spruce wood (source: EU), Bio Top-paper (white), Bio Top-adhesive paper (white)
  • customizing: 4c printing, laser etching
    • sleeve/seed bag sticker: 4/0-coloured
    • laser engraving: 1-colour (branding in wood), 1-2 page(s) possible
  • plant seeds: seed combination consisting of three different seeds
  • shelf-life & storage:
    • at least 2 years when stored in a dry place

recommended Pflanzensamenmischungen

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Herbes de Provence

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