customized seedegg

Spreading nature

We produce our seedeggs in the size of quail eggs, preferably when the weather is nice, as they can dry outside in the sun. We offer two different types of packaging that can be customized starting from a small quantity of only 30 pieces. The handmade seedeggs turn any bare green spaces, flower pots or flower beds into colorful flower meadows and a nutritious paradise for bees, butterflies and many other useful insects. Save the bees!

customized package:

The package holds one handmade seed and closed with an individual folding card. Here it is possible to customized the front and back side.

customized egg carton:

The small egg carton contains 6 pieces of natural eggs and is enclosed with an individual sleeve. The sleeve can be fully customized to carry your green (advertising) message as well as plant instructions.

 (1 seedegg):

  • Dimensions: ca. 11,5 x 6,3 cm; ~ 12 g
  • Material: glassine paper
  • Customizing: 4c print
  • Minimum quantity: 30 units

egg carton
(6 seedeggs):

  • Dimensions: ca. 9.5 x 6.5 x 5.5 cm; ~ 55g
  • Material: carton 
  • Customizing: 4c print
  • Minimum quantity: 30 units