customized ecocube

Plants in a wooden cube

The ecocubes are the epitome of a sustainable and modern advertising medium. The cubes are filled with a plant growth granulate and a biological long-term fertilizer.

The 100% compostable cube made from alder wood can be customized to carry your green advertising message through imprinting or laser etching. Moreover, the sleeve around the cube and the sealing sticker can also carry your own design and you can freely choose the plant seeds or customize the Wonder Bean with your logo or design.

  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Weight: ~ 150g
  • Material: alder wood / source: Austria
  • Customizing: 4c printing, laser etching
  • Minimum quantity: 30 units

Recommended plant seeds


| Bee meadow

| Cornflower  




| Marigold  


| Forget-me-not 


| Basil  

| Cherry tomato  

| Chili  

| Cress  

| Nasturtium  

| Lavender  

| Mint 

| Oregano  

| Thyme  

| Sage  


| Lucky clover 

| Love plant 

| Xmas tree 

Wonder Bean

| with individual 
  laser etching


| Aloe Vera 

| Cactus 

| Palm 

| Giant bamboo 

Trend Line

| Chili Habanero 

| Mimosa 

| Orchid tree 

| Chocolate flower 

| Hops