customized instant garden

Plants from a bag

Our narrowest grow kit with its large promotional space of approx. 150 cm² is the ideal promotional item for postal shipping since it fits easily through any mailbox slot.

The set still contains everything necessary – the packaging sleeve with your (promotional) message is wrapped around a grow kit filled with a large coconut fiber tablet and a small plant seed bag. Thanks to the large volume, the plants can grow in the container for up to 12 months and give your advertising message a long-term presence.

  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 1.5 cm
  • Weight: ~ 65g
  • Material: plastic, Bio Top-paper (white)
  • Customizing: 4c print
    • sleeve: 4/0-coloured
    • booklet: 4/4-coloured
  • Minimum quantity: 30 units per design/per plant variety

Recommended plant seeds


| Bee meadow

| Cornflower  


| Chocolate flower 

| Sunflower  

| Marigold  

| Violet 

| Forget-me-not 


| Basil  

| Chili  

| Chili Habanero 

| Strawberry  

| Cress 

| Nasturtium  

| Lavender  

| Mint 

| Oregano  

| Thyme  


| Aloe Vera 

| Mimosa 

| Christmas tree 



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