customized ecobox

Plants in the wooden box

The ecobox is a durable and sustainable DIY gift and promotional item. The wooden boxes made of spruce wood are filled with a compostable plant pot, coconut fibre tablets, a wooden plant stick for labelling (e.g., with the planting date and/or the plant variety) and a small plant seed bag.

With a laser engraving, the wooden box becomes a long-lasting and individual promotional item. A logo and/or a slogan is branded into the spruce wood on one or up to two sides of the box. The ecobox is enclosed in a packaging sleeve, which carries a green (advertising) message thanks to one-sided 4c printing.

The plant seeds in the enclosed bag can be freely selected from our range. Alternatively, the ecobox can also be filled with an individual Wonder Bean.

  • minimum quantity: 30 units per design or per plant variety
  • dimensions: 11 x 11 x 10 cm | weight: ca. 200 g
  • material: spruce wood (source: EU), Bio Top-paper (white)
  • customizing: 4c printing, laser etching
    • sleeve: 4/0-coloured
    • laser engraving: 1-colour (branding in wood), 1-2 page(s) possible
  • shelf life:
    • at least 2 years when stored in a dry place
    • lucky clover & love plant: max. 3 months when stored in a dry place (flower bulbs!)

Wonder Bean

Alternatively, the ecobox can also be filled with an individual Wonder Bean.

Instead of the plant seeds, the enclosed bag contains an individual Wonder Bean. Wonder Beans are individually lasered beans on both sides (2 different motifs are also possible). As the bean begins to grow, the laser marking on the seed leaf is revealed.

  • Minimum quantity: 30 units per design

Recommended plant seeds


| Bee meadow

| Cornflower  




| Marigold  


| Forget-me-not 


| Basil  

| Chili  

| Cress  

| Nasturtium  

| Lavender  

| Mint 

| Oregano  

| Thyme  


| Aloe Vera 

| Cactus 

| Palm 

| Giant bamboo 

Trend Line

| Chili Habanero 

| Mimosa 

| Orchid tree 

| Chocolate flower 

| Hops 


| Spruce 

| Silk acacia 


| Lucky clover 

| Love plant 

| Xmas tree 

Wonder Bean

| with individual 
  laser etching