Made with love

The grass heads consist of a cutely designed head filled with coconut fiber granulate and grass seeds. As soon as the little animal head is moistened with water, the first "grass hair" will sprout just a few days later.

The grass head is the ideal gift for kids and adults. To watch the cute little animals grow and then give them their own hairstyle is great fun. Our fun grass heads are very popular with any age group – not just kids. And when the first "green hair" sprouts on one of the heads, every nature lover cannot help but smile. Regardless of whether you decide on a cat or a panda or a snowman, our grass heads are an amazing gift or toy and a wonderful decoration idea. Go for it – indulge your inner 5-year old!


This is how you bring your Grass Head to life

Soak the little head in water and fill the little vase with water. If you subsequently place the head on the vase with the wick touching the water, the Grass Head will be able to "drink" as needed. Just a few days later, you will see the first grass hair sprout out of the head. After 2-3 weeks, the Grass Head will need its first haircut. Take a pair of scissors and give the Grass Head a stylish haircut and create a whole new look for it.


Details for reseller


  • packaging dimensions: 10 x 7.5 x 14 cm; 0.10 kg
  • minimum quantity & packaging unit: 30 grass heads per box (6 pcs. per design)


  • coconut fiber granulate and grass seeds

Available languages

  • packaging available in German only
  • provided manual also available in English, French or Italian


  • shelf life of at least 2 years when stored in a dry place