customized ecocan

The growing ecocan

ecocans are containers made from pressed bamboo fibers which are 100% compostable. These containers are made from natural fiber filled with a special granulate mix which feeds the small plants with all necessary nutrients to give them an ideal environment for growth.

Customized ecocans are available even in small quantities. The sleeve can be customized using 4c printing and the plant seeds in the ecocans are of course also freely selectable. Message Beans are ecocans filled with custom-lasered Wonder Beans instead of plant seeds. The beans can be customized with your logo and/or a short (promotional) message.

  • Dimensions: d = 7 cm, h = 9 cm
  • Weight: ca. 150g
  • Material: bamboo fibers
  • Customizing: 4c print
  • Minimum quantity: 30 units

Recommended plant seeds


| Bee meadow

| Cornflower  




| Marigold  


| Forget-me-not 


| Basil  

| Cherry tomato  

| Chili  

| Cress  

| Nasturtium  

| Lavender  

| Mint 

| Oregano  

| Thyme  

| Sage  


| Lucky clover 

| Love plant 

| Xmas tree 

Wonder Bean

| with individual 
  laser etching


| Aloe Vera 

| Cactus 

| Palm 

| Giant bamboo 

Trend Line

| Chili Habanero 

| Mimosa 

| Orchid tree 

| Chocolate flower 

| Hops