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Bot. name: Notocatus pseudoherteri
Characteristis: This cactus type grows to a size of up to 20 cm in diameter and has vividly pink blossoms.
Cultivation & care:

Care Instructions

Plantochi contains a small, living cactus.

  • watering:
    Put the Plantochi in a dish with water every 4 weeks for about 5 minutes.
  • transplanting:
    When your Plantochi begins to outgrow its little mobile green house, just plant it in a flower pot.

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Details for resellers


  • 48 key fobs on the display
  • optionally decorative counter display
  • unit dimensions:
    d = 17 mm, h = 40 mm
  • display dimensions:
    23 x 14 x 42 cm; 0.9 kg
  • selection defined by the customer

Available languages

  • German & English


  • The Plantochis must be watered no later than 8 weeks after delivery.

Customized Plantochi carrying your own design