Defintion Dad

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How to define a dad? A dad is an everyday superhero with experience in inventing, mechanical matters, chauffeur, and as mentor. In addition, he is a protector around the clock, best buddy, and always has a shoulder to lean on. His strength is story telling. Dad is a jokester! Personalize the laser engraving with the first name of your dad. While prepping and serving delicious treats one will always be reminded of how wonderful he is!

dimensions: ca. 30 x 30 x 1.5 cm; 0.55 kg
material: oiled maple wood
care instructions: Hand-wash only! Do not leave it in the water for too long and stand upright to dry!

important note: As these are natural products, engravings can appear different and irregular. Also, wood grain and colors may differ strongly from the picture.
Please check your data carefully! Data will be used the exact same way you input it in our system.

First name of your dad:


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