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Bot. name: Solanum pimpinellifolium (cherry tomato), Capsicum frutescens (chili) & Eruca sativa (arugula)
Characteristics: The homegrown vegetables are great as an addition to mixed salads and sandwiches or can be eaten right out of the can.
Cultivation & care:

Care Instructions


The grow kit contains coconut fiber tabs, biodegradable cups, plant markers and seed packages filled with certified organic seeds.

  • Remove the lid from the wooden box and take out the coconut fiber tabs, the plant markers, the biodegradable cups and the small plant seed packages.
  • Place the biodegradable cups next to each other in the wooden box. Next put one coconut tab into each cup. Fill each cup with water to about 1cm below the rim. After about 5 minutes the tabs will have turned into soil. Use your finger to smooth the soil.
  • Sprinkle the seeds from one seed package onto the substrate in one cup and cover with soil. Do the same with the rest of the seed packets.
  • Place the grow kit a bright, warm place and water moderately until plants are germinating (approx. 40ml every 3 days). Make sure that the granulate doesn't dry up – avoid waterlogging!
  • After about 10-18 days the plants will start to grow.Continue to water moderately.
  • As soon as the arugula has grown lushly, you can harvest the first leaves and the ripened vegetables and use them to refine your dishes or enjoy as a healthy snack for in between.

Small tip: use provided plant markers to label what's in each cup!


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  • unit dimensions: ~ 36 x 10,5 x 10,5 cm

Available languages

  • German, English & French


  • The grow kits have a shelf-life of at least two years if stored in a dry place.