Snack garden (Kids-Edition)

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My first garden! Learn, paint and grow your own Grow Kit!

Bot. name: Solanum pimpinellifolium (cherry tomato) , Fragaria vesca (strawberry) , Arachis hypogeae (peanut)
Characteristics: With the snack garden, delicious and healthy snacks can be grown in a playful way and in the end, harvested and consumed! The home-grown snacks can be eaten straight from the box, served as a side dish on a roll or as a snack! Peanuts must be dried and roasted before consumption! The fun factor and creativity don't fall by the wayside! The box is also decorated with the included coloured pencils.
Cultivation & care:

Recommended age: from 5 years | Adult supervision recommended!

Our tip: As soon as the tomatoes and strawberries are ripe, they can be eaten straight from the box or packed as a snack! Peanuts must be dried and roasted before consumption!

Care instructions


ecobox contains coconut fibre tablet, wooden plant stick for writing on, compostable planting cup and sa plant seed bag.

  • Slide the lid off the wooden box and remove the contents. Paint the wooden box however you like using the included coloured pencils.
  • Open the peanut seed bag and place the seeds in a glass of lukewarm water overnight to pre-swell. Then place the brown growing pots next to each other in the box and divide the coconut fibre tablets evenly between the cups placed.
  • Slowly pour water into each cup until approximately below the edge of the cup. About 5 minutes later, the swelling tablets have magically transformed into coconut fibre soil.
  • Plant the pre-soaked peanut seeds approx. 1 cm deep in the soil and cover with a glass. Open the other seed bags, plant one variety in each of the other two cultivation pots and cover them with a little soil so that they are completely covered. Label plant markers and carefully attach them to the respective plant variety so that you can then distinguish between the plants.
  • Place the wooden box in a bright, warm place (22 to 25°C) and only water moderately (approx. 40 ml about every 3 days – avoid waterlogging!). Now you have to be patient!
  • After about 10-18 days the first green plants begin to sprout. Continue to water the ecogarden only moderately.
  • After approx. 4-5 months, the first ripe tomatoes and strawberries can be harvested continuously.
  • As soon as your plants get too big, simply transfer them into flower pots with a little soil or outdoors using their compostable nursery pots.
  • If the peanut plant wilts and turns yellow (after approx. 4-6 months), it is finally time to harvest! Carefully lift the entire plant out of the ground with a digging fork. There will be around 20-30 peanuts hanging from the root ball. Hang the plant to dry for 2 weeks. Then separate the pods and dry them for another 2 weeks (e.g., spread flat on a tray). Only then can the peanuts be roasted in the oven/pan (salted if necessary) and eaten!
  • You can then use the wooden box itself as a practical pen or toy storage box, for example!

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ecogarden (KIDS-Edition)

ecobox (KIDS-Edition)

Details for reseller


  • unit dimensions: 36 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm; ca. 600 g
  • minimum quantity: 30 ecogarden per box
  • packaging unit: 6 pcs. per design


  • spurce wood (source: EU)
  • Bio Top paper (white)

Available languages

  • German, English, French & Italian

Shelf life & storage

  • at least 2 years when stored in a dry place

Customized ecogarden carrying your own design

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